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Why a New Exhibition?
Anthroposophy has been at work in the world for over 100 years, but still many people are unaware of who Rudolf Steiner was or the significant and far-reaching influence his ideas have today on many aspects of life in this country and beyond. Yet our Waldorf Schools, Biodynamic farms, Weleda medicines, therapeutic methods and many other practical activities have permeated through society and are at work in a thousand different places.

Now, the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain, assisted by the Art Section, is seeking to develop a new exhibition of high quality material to hang in the foyer of Rudolf Steiner House, with potential for it to be replicated in other locations, to make the manifold fruits and initiatives arising from Rudolf Steiner’s insights visible and relevant to all those who pass by and look around. 

We would like to invite our members and friends to submit entries for inclusion in this exhibition. This can include any two-dimensional material such as photographs, drawings, paintings or collage/mixed media (for reproduction).
Conditions of Entry
We are looking for entries that demonstrate the relationship between our ideas and our productions, that show the best we can create, that will inspire explorations and stimulate discussions and that are able to communicate, to a new audience, the power and relevance of all these ideas through a purely visual medium. Images can be of anything and from anywhere, but a preference will be given to subjects that come from activities in Great Britain or are connected to British impulses. However, we do also want to show the global reach of our movement. Submission will be to one of the following categories.

The Arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, graphic design, music, poetry, storytelling, speech, drama, eurythmy and others.
The Sciences: physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics and others.
Practice: including education, the social sciences, banking, biodynamics, medical and therapeutic works, crafts and others.
Pure Spirit: to include any representations of spiritual research not easily accommodated by the above.

Please note that this will not be the final organisation of the material, this is purely a way to assemble teams to select the material. We expect the final format to be a series of square images, and would initially invite you to submit digital images of around 2000 x 2000 pixels in jpeg or other compressed format. You must have available, or be able to produce, a higher resolution image on request. Please submit only by email (if you have any problems here get a friend to help), one image to each email, with the following information:

Your name and the name of the image creator if different, and your relationship to the image creator if different. If you are photographing someone else’s artwork, their details, if you have photographed people, their details, if you have photographed children, permission from their parents/guardians to submit the image,
Your contact details.
A short description of why the image is relevant.
A short statement releasing copyright in the image to the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.
Details of the highest resolution image you are able to provide, e.g. “5400px in Canon RAW”, or “1200px in jpeg” or “original artwork available to be scanned”.

Please put in the subject field “ASinGB EXHIBITION - category“ (with the proposed category inserted here) and send to <> by 30th July 2017.

The curators reserve the right to include or reject any image at their sole discretion, crop, and adjust contrast/colour tones etc. to create a compatible suite of images, hang, store or dispose of any final exhibition pieces in any location, use any submitted material, whether selected for exhibition or not, for publicity purposes or on associated web sites, loan the material to third parties.

Please note that this is not a competition, but all producers of selected entries will be invited to an opening at Rudolf Steiner House and, subject to funding, will receive a small copy of their final piece. The image creator(s) will, where practical, be credited in any public use of the images.

We would be very pleased if any teachers would like to take this up as a class project, but would ask that you carefully coordinate entries and contact us to arrange for group submissions.

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